usb 3.0 interface

More than 80% of the users concerned USB 3.0 interface

image 1(2015 annual Chassis USB 3.0 interface quantity proportion of attention):


usb 3.0 interface


orange: two

gray: indifferent


Currently, USB3.0 interfaces have been large-scale popular, more and more users attention enclosure this interface. From the data, with the highest proportion of products concerned have one USB3.0 interface for 55.13%; the proportion of the product concerned have two USB3.0 interface is 30.39%; there are more USB 3.0 interface is concerned about the ratio 1.69% ; by contrast, does not support USB 3.0 smaller chassis attention, only 12.80 percent of the attention.

All types of USB 3.0 chassis stable trend

image 2(2015 annual Chassis USB 3.0 interfaces quantity concerned about the trend):

usb 3.0 interface

Although the USB 3.0 interface has been generally accepted by the majority of users, but in the short term, it’s attention or to maintain relatively stable trend, slight fluctuations. Always have the highest proportion of products concerned 3.0 interface a USB, in Q2 2015 reached the highest point 58.64%; the proportion of the product concerned have two USB 3.0 interface when in Q1 is the highest for 32.92%; while no USB 3.0 interface and there are two more USB 3.0 interface, no big fluctuations in the proportion of the product concerned.

The average number of USB 3.0 interface fluctuate at around 1.4

image 3(2015 annual average number of USB 3.0 interface) :

usb 3.0 interface

Judging from the chassis USB 3.0 interface average number of trends, Q1-Q4 2015 on China enclosure market, USB 3.0 interface, the average number always fluctuate up and down near 1.40, the highest point for the Q3 of 1.424, the lowest point in Q2 1.375.