AMD Radeon will used in the DisplayPort and HDMI

AMD in this two years, though in some parts of the lead, but usually we cognitive good CARDS cannot be launched, NVIDIA GeForce caused by continuous years dominated the whole independent display card market.
Especially in the output section, AMD architecture behind the case, we haven’t seen in 2015 HDMI and DisplayPort 1.3 2.0 a, and the related situation will be improved in 2016.The latest data confirm that AMD will be launched in 2016 to support DisplayPort 1.3 a and 2.0 HDMI display card, although there is no any information, but generally believe that relevant output can be in code “Greenland” and “Ellesmer” or “Baffin” to see the new display card.Among them, the most “Greenland” will continue to HBM, and “Ellesmer” or the second order display card is called “Baffin” to switch to GDDR5X memory.Although the DisplayPort 1.3 a specification, but the old DisplayPort 1.2 will still be preserved.New DipslayPort 1.3 compared with 1.2 DisplayPort, can provide up to 32.4 Gbps bandwidth, which is 80% more than the current HDMI 2.0, not to mention DisplayPort 1.3 a compatible with the current connector wire.In addition, DisplayPort 1.3 a can bring a higher frequency of updates for the 4 k screen, means that the current 4 k @ 60 hz will be promoted to 4 k @ 120 hz (which needs the support panel), in part 5 k resolution can also change the past need a pair of signal output.As for the single input 5 k resolution can be seen after screen may have to wait until the middle of 2016.displayport