displayport HDMI DVI the difference of each other:

DisplayPort is approved by the video electronics standards association (VESA) interface specification.  DisplayPort without rights to a number of areas to leap HDMI and DVI these two kinds of interface technology.  DisplayPort work using the current rate of 2.5 Gbps of PCI Express electrical layer, four channel can be obtained a total of up to 10.8 Gbps bandwidth.

Currently, HDMI with support for audio and video output, provide enough to 1080 p hd programming on the advantages of the bandwidth, the fierceness of attack of home appliance and PC area is looking.However, the road to the popularity of HDMI began, more powerful, more bandwidth of new interface DisplayPort sounded a strong challenge to it.
The professional supplier of guangzhou DisplayPort connector HaoLong electronic authorized agent (molex) said: DisplayPort connector is used for PC and consumer electronics market application of a new generation of digital interface.  Molex can provide tailor-made for clients a full range of cable components, this includes sockets, cable with a latch function components and a complete plug components.Connectors can be used in PC, LCD display, monitors, graphics CARDS, projector, peripherals and consumer electronic devices, etc.

DVI is not suitable for as the mainstream of PC integrated graphical solution, which means that the digital display interface must be compatible with the 65 nm process technology can be widely used in the PC.DVI 1.0 specification is no longer a research and development, and in fact could not be updated, so the dot clock (dot clock) and color depth has been fixed.In DVI display design, to reduce the number of electronic components is also more difficult.Therefore, manufacturers have to adopt a considerable DVI connector.In addition, to support higher than that of UXGA resolution image display, DVI need two channels.

HDMI is a kind of very good consumer electronics interface, but VESA think it is not the best solution for PC display interface.It on the PC monitor (see table, which may affect the future development trend of monitor completely) properties limited resolution and color depth.HDMI is excellent interface, A/V rather than A broad general display interface.HDMI specification not to unify the equipment internal and external display interface, it is mainly for consumer electronic equipment.