At apple, Google and Microsoft and other companies lead the blessing, a new generation of USB Type C business opportunities have detonated in an all-round way.In addition to the single joint consumers familiar with cable USB charging and data transmission function, USB type C is another major breakthrough, can use the ALT Mode support MHL or DisplayPort standard (alternative Mode) to the USB interface can also transmit UHD image, create a new user experience.
Marketing vice President of Andre Bouwer, said in the previous video transmission interface competition, although the HDMI slightly better, but in the face of 4 k8k  super sensitive race, HDMI itself, due to technical limitations can only support to 4 k 60 hz, no 8 k blueprint, coupled with the cost and is not attached to the USB type C substitution specification factors, such as the equals of the future is destined.
Bouwer pointed out that, along with the mobile device is rapidly -c passes to the USB port, all future USB type C will replace the current UBS cable and HDMI cable;The company will bring the DisplayPort alternative patterns are very exciting possibilities.
DisplayPort standard is formulated by the VESA association, without royalty, and has set up in August 2014 to launch DP version 1.3, and DisplayPort alternative schema specification is released in September last year, more than 60 hz and can support 4 k resolution, is expected to support the end of 8 k resolution DP version 1.4 standard.
Bouwer, explained that the USB type C interface can support DisplayPort, MHL (action high quality links) and Thunderbolt three alternative mode of video transmission.The Thunderbolt is the combination of PCI Express data transmission and DisplayPort display technology, therefore, in the context of video transmission, still belongs to the DisplayPort interface.
As for MHL interface, though the published support 4 k video MHL3 standards, as well as 8 k superMHL standards, but Bouwer pointed out that the MHL alternative mode of the main problem is that, unlike DisplayPort to standard Type – C cable support, data and video transmission charging at the same time, it must use special cable to perform image transfer or + of image data transmission function, and manufacturers also have to pay royalties, which will affect the MHL in USB – C is widely used.
In addition, DisplayPort another advantage is that it USES the electrical signal technology similar to SuperSpeed USB, so can more easily with the mobile phone and tablet SoC integration.Therefore, Bouwer stressed that DisplayPort alternative mode will become the mainstream of USB – C video transmission, is also the only fully functional to use standard USB – C 8 k video cable transmission technology.
Because consumers can bring great convenience and sharply reduce the electronic waste, the USB interface will gradually transfer to a USB – C standard.Now, USB – C agitation has risen from laptops, tablets and smartphones began to spread, the end of 2016 there will be a USB – C TV listings, predicts 2017, the USB – C car rear screen will appear in the aftermarket.  Bouwer is expected that by 2019 the world will have 1 billion sets of USB – C products, of which about 35% will support video output function.
Deep DisplayPort market already a long time, and at the end of 2014 announced DisplayPort chip shipments has more than 1 billion Analogix is actively grasp this wave of new business opportunities.The company has been published in this year’s Computex support USB data, charging and DP alternative mode of laptops with single chip USB – C ANX7428, are measured during delivery.
For smartphones, Analogix is currently contains SlimPort launchers and USB chip – C dual chip solutions is given priority to, can support the UHD 30 hz resolution.In the first half of 2016 is expected to launch fully integrated single chip solutions ANX7688, not only support the UHD 60 hz, and BOM cost can be down to $1, will further promote mobile support DisplayPort in alternative mode of USB type C interface.