Galaxy S7 will use USB Type C Interface 

The latest news from the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is expected in March for an upcoming series of flagship products, equipped with a pressure-sensitive screen and a new fast charging port USB Type C.

This is mentioned in the report, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S7 next year’s big change does not occur in the design, but also have cambered screen version of the Galaxy S7 Edge debut.

In addition to these new features, the Wall Street Journal report also states that Samsung is considering building a retina scanner into the device (most recently seen in the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL), for biometric security that is more convenient than the traditional fingerprint reader. While the curved screen version, the S7 edge, will also reportedly adopt most of these new features, it will allegedly lack the microSD slot, most likely due to a lack of real estate on the device’s thinner sides.

The other is the new version of USB Type-C interfaces, according to the Wall Street Journal saying, charging less than 30 minutes a day can meet endurance, and in “certain cases” will be faster. Non-curved screen version of Galaxy S7 also supports external memory card expansion – the previous rumors unanimously. As retina recognition technology integration, which is a precedent in the mobile phone industry.



Galaxy S7 will particularly enhance the environment for low-light shooting camera image quality, and the camera no longer projections, integration with the back – this should be a lot of people wish it.
According to news said, expect the new flagship of Samsung will be on sale in mid-March next year – announced the phone time will be in the end of February the MWC show.