HDMI to displayport  switch is also known as HDMI to Displayport converter.

The main function:

Common devices on the market is DP DVI/HDMI, DP turns VGA converter, this kind of transformation line are one-way conversion, is irreversible.So the question: if the user’s signal source is HDMI, display terminal is Displayport interface (that is, DP interface), HDMI switch DP how to do?[1] for the realistic demand of users, the first in the industry launched a HDMI to DP switch.This product adopts the high performance digital conversion chip, the highest resolution level 4 k, perfect solved the HDMI to DP, and realize the super clear display.

Appearance characteristics:

HDMI to DP converter whole black ABS resin shell, HDMI line adopts flat design.DP side containing digital conversion chip, size large.At the same time, this product with USB power supply line, perfect solve the demand in the process of signal conversion.
Specification parameter:
Body size: 67.0 X 47.5 X 17.5 mm
Chip is: STDP 2600
HDMI cable length: 50 cm;USB power supply line length: 5 ocm
Input format HDMI, USB power supply;Display port output format
Meet HDMI 1.4 DP 1.2 interface standards, support HDCP
The highest resolution: 2 k / 4 k * 30 hz, 1080 p / 120 hz
The highest data rate: 5 GPBS
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