Lexar USB 3.0

Flash drives can be very useful for people who have tablets or phones without a microSD slot. They are perfect for keeping local backups of important files, easily transferring files between computers, and extra storage in general. The Lexar JumpDrive M20i has been designed to handle all three of these jobs for people with an iPad and/or an iPhone.

It has a full-size USB jack and a Lightning connector, but the feature that sets it apart from the crowd is that both of these are retractable so they’re protected when not in use.

Lexar JumpDrive M20i USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The JumpDrive M20i is quite small: 1.75 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches and about an ounce in weight. It is very easily pocketable, or can disappear into a gear bag or purse. The casing is mostly white plastic with a bit of translucent grey plastic, so it looks decent but not particularly professional.

The USB Type A jack is on one end, with the Lightning connector is on the other. They are connected inside the casing, so sliding one out pulls the other in. The casing is large enough, though, that both these connectors can be inside at the same time. This is especially important to protect the more delicate Lightning connector.

The sliding mechanism is controlled by a button on one side: push this in and slide it toward either end to expose the desired connector. The USB jack or the Lightning connector will lock into place when fully extended; the button must be pushed to unlock it so it will slide back in. The slider will also lock into place with both the connectors hidden so they don’t accidentally extend.

Lexar JumpDrive M20i USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Even if all the other features are set aside, the ability to quickly and easily backup all the images on an iPhone, and then display them on an iPad, or copy them to a PC makes the Lexar JumpDrive M20i a very useful item.

But all the additional features shouldn’t be left out of the equation, especially the capability to hold several movies and/or a large music collection without occupying valuable built-in storage.

If the JumpDrive application would add better support for landscape and renaming files then this would be a nearly ideal accessory.