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Coco peng
Coco pengsales
I’m lively, activated and straightforward personality, likes getting along with others. We communication with each other, discuss things. Also like to participate in outdoor activities to relax and experience life. With a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life.
At work, careful analysis of the market and familiar with the connector to locate the connector market. Let more people understand the connector, to play its greater value.
I believe work is not just work, still another life. Work is the spirit and rigorous, and life is the relaxed and pleasant, they cooperate with each other to make life more exciting. Of course, do not let work emotions affect life.
Damon Dai
Damon DaiSales
Hello, I’m a work steadfastly man, with great passion to my work and life. For my work, I’m very earnest, full of analysis ability, able to work flexible processing of the emergency, and I’m also a teamwork spirit man, a team is the best in our job and life.
I am character cheerful, outgoing, willing to communicate with people, with good adaptability and skillful communication skills, can assist supervisor to finish the work well. Hope to make more friends, no matter you are the clients or others, a friend is the better relationship with you.
Cindy Wu
Cindy WuSales
Enthusiastic and energetic is my life style,you will feel power and energy when doing business with me.As I was a person who like making friend with all kinds of people,so I hope we can not only be the business partner,but also be friend in the future.
With fully experience in foreign trade business,we can get twofold results with half of the effort,reducing the unnecessary trouble during the business.
The professional knowledge of the product will provide you the right thing that you want and give you professional advice when making business.
I will be really grateful if we can make business and be friend in the future.
Language: Chinese & English & Cantonese & Hakka
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