What will the future of displayport? The appoints of mine as below:

Display the future with DisplayPort. The world’s highest performance and most versatile connection technology displays your content exactly how it was meant to be seen and heard. Learn how one connection can revolutionize the way you experience your content, both today and tomorrow.Immerse yourself in multi-screens with higher resolution, faster refresh rates, deeper color and zero lag from a single DisplayPort cable. Get the best gaming experience possible without the clutter.

DisplayPort delivers the promise of 4k to your living room. Now a single cable can power your 4k home theater, bringing the highest possible resolution at a full 60hz frame rate.Whether it’s running multi-screens to increase productivity or running 45 feet to power a conference room projector, DisplayPort is up to the task. It even connects, via adapters to older DVI, HDMI and VGA ports.CAD/CAM, GIS and 3D modelers can never have too many monitors.

DisplayPort lets you run four from a single cable, while providing higher resolution, faster refresh rates and deeper color.The future of medical imaging is 4k delivered by DisplayPort.

Higher resolution means more doctor accuracy and the technology is perfect for sensitive environments, since it doesn’t interfere with other components.Fiber optic DisplayPort cables can run hundreds of meters with plenty of bandwidth to power your digital signage, remote monitors and more.