USB Type C, the Connector for the Next 20 Years

USB Type C interface to the new trend seems to have become the interface for electronic products. In fact, as early as 2013, USB extension organization began with the 2015, many manufacturers began working on the promotion of their products USB Type-C interface to access to Apple in 2014, after the support of Google, Intel, Microsoft and other vendors began to spread, with the interface, USB Type-C is becoming the new standard for future interfaces.


  • Faster

USB Type-C based on the latest and fastest USB3.1 standard build, the transmission rate can reach up to 10Gbps, in theory, it is the current speed USB3.0 (5Gpbs) twice, the theoretical transfer rate of 1000MB / s.

  •  no direction, support positive and negative double plug

USB Type-C interface support regardless of the “positive insert” or “anti-plug” can be easily inserted into the socket, to avoid trouble mouth or inserted in the wrong alignment adjusted several times.

  •  very shallow, space-saving

USB Type-C interface is very shallow, about 8.3×2.5mm size on mobile devices are not unexpected, used in notebook computers is to save two-thirds of the space.

  •  full support of all the features USB3.1

USB Type-C interface to the additional advantage of full support for all the interfaces in its USB3.1, such as providing up to 100W of power, the maximum transmission rate of 10Gbps, and other audio and video signal transmission. In particular, the ability to transfer USB Type-C is a two-way, users can not only use the notebook for mobile device charging, you can use other devices or mobile power to notebook charging.

Interface represents the future trend, USB Type-C application interface will bring more possibilities.