Comparison between HDMI and Displayport:

In May 2006, VESA (video electronics standards organization) officially released the DisplayPort standard 1.0, this is a kind of for all display devices, including internal and external interface, open standards. DisplayPort now has been widely support, Agilent, AMD, Apple, Broadcom, Dell, HP, Intel and NVIDIA, Philips, ViewSonic, major manufacturers such as SamSung and lenovo to step into the support line.1. DisplayPort comprehensive analytical technical specifications in late 2005, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA, Video Electronics Standards Association announced plans for flat-panel TVS, projectors, PC and DVD image signal equipment such as developing new digital interface Standards for DisplayPort. In May 2006, the video electronics standards association (VESA) officially released the DisplayPort standard version 1.0.Video electronic VESA Standard alliance (Video Electronics Standard Association) in the just-concluded CES 2009 exhibition in the United States announced the DisplayPort interface Standard upgrade, the new DisplayPort four times 1.2 can support 4 k2k ultra-high resolution signal transmission and 3 d digital signal transmission.

DisplayPort is a digital high definition video transmission standard, first is to replace the PC monitor DVI, VGA interface, and other digital video equipment developed an LVDS interface, but now let it have enough ability to the development of the DisplayPort to HDMI challenge.HDMI interface besides can support high-definition digital signal, the biggest characteristic is to be able to pass off the visual audio signal encryption for copyright protection, so in the early stage to get the support of the vendors especially blu-ray alliance members support, currently flat-screen TVS and blu-ray players such as audio-visual products almost all equipped with HDMI interface.As the most powerful competitors, HDMI future DisplayPort has the advantage of digital signal has better compatibility, high sociability and relatively open standards, can realize looseness transmission over a long distance, also support HDCP decoding certification DisplayPort. Relative to at present the most popular HDMI interface, DisplayPort can achieve greater transmission bandwidth, and from the aspects of sociability and peripheral equipment is compatible with much stronger than the HDMI interface.And costs, DisplayPort can drive LCD directly, not only save a lot of the circuit cost and space, and standard completely open, do not need to pay such as HDMI royalty fees involved. DisplayPort supporters have dell, HP, Lenovo, Philips, ATi, etc.