The Mini DisplayPort is a miniature version of the DisplayPort.  By apple published on October 14, 2008.Are applied to the MacBook (instead of the previous Mini – DVI), MacBook Air (instead of Micro – DVI) with the MacBook Pro laptop (instead of the previous DVI).Also applied to 24 inch LED Cinema Display.

mini DP

Summary of Mini DisplayPort:

As with DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort highest support 2560 x 1600 resolution display.
Apple released the Mini DisplayPort also supports VGA and DVI signal output, but need to add converter.

Research and development of Mini DisplayPort:

On November 27, 2008, apple authorized free public development of Mini DisplayPort related products from other manufacturers.
Since February 2011, Apple released new Thunderbolt ports are compatible with DisplayPort 1.1 devices directly attached to Thunderbolt video data output interface, Thunderbolt interface compatible with Mini Display Port down, and the physical structure and stitch design is exactly the same.But the DisplayPort 1.1 devices must meet at the end of the Thunderbolt link.
The Mini Display Port has been VESA entry to the Display Port 1.2.
Mini Display Port interface has all the characteristics of the Display Port interface standard 1.2, this let computer manufacturers can safely launch support Mini Display -Port interface of the computer or video card, because since the Mini Display Port interface is the industry standard, of course, also can be compatible with 1.2 DisplayPort interface.