Who supports the HDMI Interface?

The HDMI Founders including,

  • Hitachi Maxell, Ltd;
  • Panasonic Corporation;
  • Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.;
  • Silicon Image (a Lattice Semiconductor company);
  • Sony Corporation;
  • Technicolor S.A.;
  • Toshiba Corporation.

In addition, the HDMI interface has the support of major motion picture producers including

  • Fox,
  • Universal,
  • Warner Bros.
  • Disney,

and system operators.

The HDMI Specification has been licensed by over 1,600 companies, and is a standard feature in over 4B consumer products(IHS, 2014).

In 2011, the HDMI Founders created the HDMI Forum to guide future iterations of the technology, enabling companies in diverse markets to participate in the evolution of the HDMI Specification. Approximately 60 of the largest consumer electronics, PC and semiconductor companies are now working together to ensure the continued success of the HDMI Specification.

Starting around 2003 we saw a rapid adoption of the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) across the digital consumer market. This included DTVs, high definition set -top boxes and computer graphics boards. By the end of that year, well over 500 consumer electronics products featured a DVI connection, with approximately 80% of DTVs shipped to the US using that technology. Later in the year, HDMI also emerged as a digital transmission format, but addressed some specific needs tailored to the consumer electronics market:

Who supports the HDMI Interface?