DisplayPort a career has been overshadowed by all the display interface, it is what is the secret weapon?  DisplayPort, in fact, a very important characteristic is that the “Micro – Packet Architecture (Micro Packet Architecture)” transmission Architecture,  video content in the Packet transmission, this same DVI, such as HDMI video transmission technology has obvious difference.  Both HDMI and the “twin brother” UDI (essence is to remove the HDMI audio transmission function), both inherited the core technology of the DVI TMDS, essentially still is an extension of the DVI.DVI, HDMI, UDI video content is transmitted in real-time, line way, this can ensure that the large video traffic jams phenomenon will not occur.  

DisplayPort is using a packet transmission, it can guarantee the transmission of real-time?  As we know, Internet use is the packet transmission technology, network congestion occur due to bandwidth issues.What’s more, in the transmission of the packet type, also add description information packet, for the transmission of real-time led to a more serious challenge!  This set DisplayPort qualified for video transmission?  Packet transmission, in fact, after years of development, has been confirmed on the basis of ensuring adequate bandwidth, with appropriate traffic management measures, still can meet the needs of real-time transmission.When you surf the Internet at ordinary times movie, if the server bandwidth is enough, and the connection to the server host is smooth, we can see the smooth film.  Tests have shown that the packet transmission technique is applied to equipment and equipment, equipment internal information transmission between is completely feasible.Compared with the switched transmission, micro packet architecture is the one big characteristic of elasticity.

We already mentioned above, DisplayPort can easily implement separately display, and other functions, the reason is DisplayPort can in the same group of Lane/Link (channel/attachment) transmission multiple sets of video, and it is the power of micro packet architecture.  DVI and using switched transmission, such as HDMI video only a set of video transmission within a group of the Link.